Webspecials - effective networking!

Webdesign – the requirements for the online-presence grow continuously

The web design for all kinds of screen sizes is one of the major challenges modern websites have to face. Whether smartphone, tablet PC, netbook, notebook or PC - the number of screen sizes which have to be taken into account by web designers is as large as never before and will continue to grow.

As a businessman you regard your website as a marketing instrument, which presents your products and services appropriately to the target groups and effectively in advertising. Professional web design according to recognized standards is a prerequisite for a successful web presence.

3D animations – experience your products

Today, animations are indispensable as learning content or upmarket promotion video for your internet presentation. Excellent 3D animations, 3D graphics and visualizations are a valuable tool to sell your product better, faster and more effective.

Social media marketing - networked interaction at all levels

Social media marketing is one of the most important tasks in the social web. This form of online marketing aims at achieving specific marketing objectives via presence and interaction with your target group in various social media channels and platforms.