Trade Show - attention by optimal presentation!

Concept, Design..

..and Applications

Trade Show Presentation - gain high involvement of your target group

Primarily, the success of your exhibition stand depends on the presentation of your company and your products.

By using cutting-edge booth design, innovative technology, and creativity, the attention of the exhibition visitors is attracted.

We support you, starting with the stand design, fair invitation, outdoor advertising, promotion and advertising materials to presentation technologies, booth-event organization and video documentation.

Touch Technologies - create user experiences

We conceptualize, design and program complex interactions, which stage your products perfectly.

Our service for you: single-, multi- or radarTouch conception, design and programming.

Innovative product animations - multimedia (iPad, tablet, PC, touch screen) and universally applicable by means of the latest technologies.

Tablets - present exciting product contents

Communicate via tablets all relevant corporate contents on a daily basis, based on the innovation app. Thus, all important information is at hand to convince your customers immediately.

Almost any kinds of contents are communicable via the app. PDFs of your publications, microsites, HTML5 animations, videos and sounds; everything is administrated by the innovation app.

3D Animations - a huge effect for your sales success

Our 3D-animations cannot be overlooked and catch the visitors' eye at your exhibition stand.

In addition, using 3D animations has a positive side effect for our customers: Through the high information content and the upmarket design of our presentations it was not necessary to show the original exhibits in many cases. Furthermore, the exhibition area could be reduced significantly.