Service App - quick mobile support!

Why a service-app?

We develop a Service-App customized and suited to your needs that enables you to simplify complex processes to maximize your efficiency. Our Service-App delivers the exact information needed regardless of time and location.

Totally user oriented

In giving your employees access to a mobile service application, you help them achieve better results in defined tasks like for example emergency service or maintenance work.

Your customers gain additional value due to a user oriented information delivery system. We develop a service application designed for specific operational tasks optimized to fit your customer profile.

Mobile accessibility

Easy handling and a well-structured intuitive navigation platform ensures that the application delivers a time saving information and helps its users in their work processes.

This medium enables you to directly contact your users, independent of time or location. This means a big costs- and time-saving for your company.

Our Services

  • Consulting/Conception
  • Design
  • Software development
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Hardware management
  • Distribution by demand
  • Hosting/Support

Technical Conversion:

  • Native Apps
  • HTML5 Web-Apps
  • Hybrid Apps

Areas of usage

  • Repair- and Maintenance-Service
  • Product- and Subsidiary-Finder
  • Configurators/Calculations

Advantages for your company

  • Simplifies and optimizes complex processes (for ex. Order-entry)
  • Cost and time saving with mobile data management
  • Services focused on your target group based on your corporate identity
  • A quick and mobile service for customers and employees
  • Always up-to-date information without restriction by time or location
  • Easy App performance control at any time
  • App is functional while offline
  • Internationally applicable due to multilingualism