MultiTouch - fascination for your product benefits!

Create customer experiences

We conceptualize, design and program complex interactions which stage your products perfectly.

The user-friendly handling as well as the clear accentuation and introduction of the particular product advantages are considered to have top priority. Enthuse your customers with your products.

Unbeatable long-distance effect

Interaction possibilities can have a perfect long-distance effect with the aid of a radarTouch wall. Sensors over the wall record the position of the hands and thus enable diverse interactions with all kinds of displays.


Our service

Single-, multi- or radar-touch conception, design and programming. Innovative product animations by means of the latest technologies, multimedia (iPad, tablet, PC, touchscreen) and universally applicable.

Advantages for your company

  • Let your products shine and strengthen your company's innovative image
  • Enrich your multitouch applications with videos, 3D models and more
  • Attract potential customers
  • Visualize complex contents and make them easier to understand
  • Start a communication with your customer
  • Present your products as a great 3D experience
  • Involve and inspire your customers