HTML5 - crossmedia communication!


It is possible to show the product benefits from new perspectives by use of an extremely realistic 3D visualization. The presentation will be striking and engaging.

Because of this, your customers conceives the advantages quickly and will be convinced by the facts.

Cross-platform publishing

The current HTML5 web technology makes it possible to experience interactive animations and app-oriented behavior on all relevant platforms.

HTML5 animations are available on all modern browsers (IE9, Safari 5, Firefox 11, Google Chrome) and on many terminals such as iPads, android tablets , smartphones, laptops,multitouch tables, etc.

Information always and everywhere

Through the app-oriented control concept of HTML5 animations, the user can decide when he requires the information and receives it immediately after having touched the screen.

Advantages for your company

  • Available on many modern browsers and devices
  • Measurability with tools such as Google Analytics
  • Indexible by search engines
  • Modern look
  • Simply to install
  • Easy to understand for your customer
  • Cross-platform publishing