uvex | uvex 1 launch-campaign


For the pre-launch phase of uvex 1, the new security shoe of the company UVEX ARBEITSSCHUTZ GmbH, we were ask to developed an attractive print-product-brochure with all the relevant benefits of the new product.

Followed by an iBooks application for iPads for the official launch-presentation at the A+A 2013 trade fair in Dusseldorf.


With the function of an attractive upfront information-teaser, the product brochure should emphasize with design as well as the format to reflect the innovation of the new shoe.

The iBooks application should support uvex sales team as digital sales medium. It should also be usable independently by customers.

uvex 1 - positioning

The uvex 1 safety shoe is the new highlight in the foot protection. It offers a perfect balance between protection and comfort.

Based on this main message and in combination with other core features such as ergonomics and design the contents were well prepared based on the insights and divided into chapters.

uvex 1 product-brochure

The product-brochure has been implemented as a unique slipcase. A split, folding title and two slide-pages on the left and right side provide the user with an exceptional reading experience.

Each page of the brochure considered a special chapter, to communicate the product benefits of the shoe clear-structured and focused on the benefits. The product-benefits were illustrated by individually designed icons.

The design is innovative and clean. Color-coordinated to the uvex i-performance product range the central design elements were implemented with image composing from real images as well as in 3D.

uvex 1 iBooks application

Each chapter of the iBooks application has a start screen with a central image that gives an overview of the respective main features and product benefits.

They are shown in more detail in content on subpages. The user gets detailed information through pop-ups, animations or videos that can be activated by touch.

The user interface is clearly structured and intuitive. Based on the chapter names, the user always knows his position inside the application. It’s always easy to come back to the table of contents, from which the user can move directly to any chapter.

The screen design is based on the new corporate design of uvex. The central pictorial elements of the print brochure were also used in the application to create one look and feel. The iBooks application was launched in a German and English language version.