Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Feucht | documentation IX

human and personal

The principle of  Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen is pierced on the front cover of the documentation.

All the employees of the Raiffeisenbank Altdorf-Feucht are looking through the pierced letters by symbolising their identification with the credo of the bank.

authentic designation

The modern design combined with the regional influence appears as a very authentic designation. 

Customers and employees are Testimonials on all the pictures inside the documentation. All photoshootings were taken inside the region by having a direct approach to the target group.

unusual design

For the history section of the bank we developed a unique 3D-Desing by showing a room of a futuristic museum with histrical exhibits for each double-page over the relevant time-decades. 

The historical time-decades are defined inside each room. The rooms are conected to each other through the 3D-Design. The timeline ends up in the present by showing a realistic interior of the bank.