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Initial situation

Innovative technologies are indispensable for children of primary school. They experience continuously a growing popularity.

ONLINE, a popular German manufacturer of writing instruments, uses the existing high affinity in new technologies by developing a multi-functional writing instrument. It includes a pen tip for conventional writing on paper as well as an innovative designed stylus tip, which allows convenient operations on smart phones and tablet surfaces.

Based on this multi-function writing instrument, ONLINE ordered the development of a future-oriented app for the focused target group.


Create an app that engages learning to write with appropriate content for kids in first and second grade at elementary school. In addition of practicing writing on paper the students are able to learn it parallel on tablets.

According to the increasing level of difficulty, the content of the app has to get more difficult step by step. The children should be involved and activated. It should make fun to use the app. A high level of motivation during learning is necessary.


The Concept is based on the future of digital learning in school or at home. In eight chapters, teachers and students experience together countries all over the world. Together they practice swing drawing, letters and more than 100 words. The base for the App is a German standard lettering (taught on many schools), which originated from a Latin script. It's called “Vereinfachte Ausgangsschrift”.

Each user is personalized with his name and receives according to his gender the appropriate visual (boy or girl).

Over the eight chapters all around the world the user is able to learn the alphabet in upper and lower case letters as well as more than 100 words around the basic vocabulary. After each successful exercise new areas and countries are automatically unlocked.

By using the idea of a global journey an additional geographical learning effect for countries, animals and crops was created. The ambition and curiosity to discover causes lots of motivation and fun on students side.

The explanations are taught by a voice of a child, so each exercise is clearly understandable combined with a high degree of activation. The user receives direct feedback from the App and stays motivated throughout the whole journey.

The “Schreibreise” (GER) or “ONLINE Discovery” (ENG) offers the perfect supplement to the writing lessons for beginners in combination by writing on paper. The App can be used on tablet in the classroom, at home or somewhere else.


To not neglect the educational aspect of the app, it is child-friendly designed but not too colorful. It conveys a high degree of activating sympathy and it is very clear structured and easy to interact.


Innovative educational add-on

This app can be used during the school-lessons as well as at home on the tablet.

To interact individually on the personal learing-improvement of each student a teacher and parent-account is implemented. In this account-modus it`s possible to set-up a specific level of difficulty for the individual user.

Content/Technical implementation

In collaboration with teachers and universities as well a diploma student of ONLINE, who uses the specific App-topic as her dissertation, parameters were developed which are important for the target group.

These pedagogical and didactical recommendations were considered by developing the App. An extensively programming was necessary to guarantee that all technical functionalities run properly.

…the journey continues

Since the German version “Schreibreise” of the writing journey had rised a high popularity, the App has been supplemented with additional exercises. In addition to the German version meanwhile the App has been adapted to an English-version “ONLINE Discovery”.

Since the “Vereinfachte Ausgangsschrift” is not as frequently taught in English schools, the English version was developed in a font called “Schulausgangsschrift (SAS)”. The German App will also soon be available in the SAS-version. In addition, further language adaptations as french, dutch an spanisch are already planned.


Innovative and contemporary promoting learning motivation of children by using the natural play instinct and the high affinity for new technologies (tablet).