Kennametal | multi-touch application


The briefing was conducted by employees of the marketing department and product managers of the customer. In cooperation, an understanding for market trends and correlations, product advantages, and technologies was achieved.

Together,we developed main issues and trends which are supposed to be addressed at the trade show.


In consideration of the technical possibilities and requirements in terms of content, we chose a suitable form of presentation.

In this case, a combination of a 46-inch multi-touch table and a 6x3 radar-touch wall. Based on many meetings with the product management all the relevant product and technological benefits were defined.

The non-linear navigation is an important aspect, which gives the highest possible freedom to the presenter.


In the storyboarding process, product and technological advantages are formed in a tellable story so that the application can be navigated simply and comprehensibly.

As a result, three worlds (aerospace, automotive and energy) were created, which are supposed to represent Kennametal's important industrie branches. The individual narratives were embedded logically in these worlds.


The perfect way of combining the application's requirements in terms of content with the preconditions of technology, and the human anatomy and habits is a central aspect for designing a multitouch application of this kind.

When designing button elements, a certain minimum size must be used in order to meet finger ergonomics, and the touch sensors of the table. A highly interactive application has to be simple in design to put the focus on the interaction with 3D-elements.



The aim was to create a three- dimensional world, where products can be freely rotated and manipulated. Ventuz3 has proved to be the ideal environment for this.

Playful interactions can be realized with 3D-data here. The depiction is realistic and playing smoothly. During the realization, intermediate results could always be discussed and improved with the customer directly at the terminal.

On-site support

We were directly on-site in Las Vegas, Hanover and Chicago to make last-minute modifications possible, and to train the stand personnel for using the application directly at the fair.

There, we could also receive immediate customer feedback and requests for improvement and expansion.


By using modern presentation technologies and high-quality contents, Kennametal was able to present itself as innovator of the metal processing industry.

Media representatives took the presentations as an occasion to report on Kennametal and to deliver the message.