Kennametal | innovation iPad App


From 2007 to 2011, our customer Kennametal used approximately 200 Flash-based product animations for its fairs.

In the end, Kennametal chose tablets, because the company wanted to have more interaction and portability. Especially on the iPad, Flash-support is almost not possible.

The product-innovations had to be available at any time internationaly. The international sales staff should have a tool wich supports them mobil and offline at their client appointments.


The Kennametal Innovation App combines these requirements. Due to that, the frame application is written in native code and thus, it provides ideal performance, stability and distribution via the App store. 

The contents, however, are written in HTML5 and as a result, crossmedia available. The created contents can easily be used on the website or other Apps.


Contents can always be added to the app, without the need for a new version having to be released in the App store. As a result, corrections and news can be converted fast and simply.



The HTML5 product animations have a clear structure in terms of content. Product advantages are presented clearly with 3D renderings. The navigation in the animations enables the user to decide individually to which extent he wants to deal with a certain topic. Additionally, the animations offer a summary of advantages and convincing graphs and product videos.


Product advantages can be presented perfectly clear by using 3D visualization. Elements are individually emphasized, extended and expanded.

It is possible to alter the camera perspective in such a way that the product-benefits can be constituted like a poster.

With bright colors and a clear language of forms, the application and its animation become simply usable and attractive. For the user its very comfortable to browse the App. The information that is needed is quickly reachable.