Kennametal | deep-hole-drill productvideo

Initial situation

Compared to other models, the Deep Hole Drill is not an ordinary drill. It is not an off-the-peg product.

It is just incredibly long, having the 72-fold length of its diameter (72xD). Thus, Kennametal breaks the previous records of its competitors and raises the bar at the same time.


This performance has to be presented appropriately. The structure of an average product movie would be…too simple.

Therefore, we started the production from scratch: its own storyboard, elegant look & feel.

Perfect combination

Due to the flexibility of the 3D animations, some of the drill's numerous features are emphasized in slow motion.

The combination with real images proves the 'authenticity' of this product and its efficiency.



In editing and motion design, we put emphasis on high speed. Together with aggressive music, the Deep Hole Drill advertising movie gets the necessary finish to emphasize its strength and uniqueness.