Grundig | trade-promotion

50 years of German Bundesliga

For the trading roadshow on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the German soccer Bundesliga, which was organized by werk:b events, the agency created a contest.

It took place in over 70 cities all over Germany. For outdoor promotions, a goal wall shooting was organized, while indoors a soccer quiz, which was installed on flat screens, took place.

The Grundig 50 years of Bundesliga quiz contained over 120 questions in three levels of difficulty. Multiple choice-, estimation questions, and the time needed for both of them were used to calculate the high scores.


The winners were saved in an online system and released live on a roadshow microsite. Thus, the participants could see at any time, on which position of the top 25 they were.

The final results of the goal wall shooting were integrated in the database. The grading system of the quiz was adapted to the points awarded at the goal wall shooting, so both games could be fairly graded in a ranking list.