Grob Group | Touch Application

Initial situation

The assignment was to develop a technically innovative and particularly eye-catching concept approach for the GROB Group worldwide exhibition innovation "GROB-NET 4-INDUSTRY" and to launch the product innovation international at the EMO in Milano.



The correlations and added values of the Industry 4.0 product solution had to be described clearly and simple. In order to achieve this, an interactive platform was chosen for making the GROB-NET’s product values something that is simply experienced and represented strikingly.

The cross-media functionality of exhibition-touchscreens and notebooks as well as the tablets of the sales staff should be ensured.


The menu is organized around three sectors:

Main menu, teaser for subpages and the key-visual (cloud of lines) with selectable icons.

For the application the key-visual „The Cloud of Lines“, which provides a vibrant setting for the interlinking of the product with the process procedure, has been especially created by us. To serve this purpose, we designed icons that represent the comerstones (notebook, machine etc.).

By touching the possible connections are visualized and it`s shown which GROB-NET 4-INDUSTRY products are supported concerning to the specific selection.


The central design feature is the „Cloud of Lines“.

Around this the design is characterized by a clear structure with a targeted focus on the single products of the main menu and their additional values. Those values are getting visually tangible quickly and are emphasized in a self-explanatory way by a clear user guidance, striking illustrations and fitting icons.

A safe and easy to understand use of the application enables sales to make a competent impression.

Detail Pages

The benefits of the GROB-NET 4-INDUSTRY products are outlined on the detail pages emphasizing the additional values.

Short animations support the user quickly and intuitively grasp complex connections.

Technical Conversion

For an optimal cross-media use on Microsoft Surface tablets in distribution the application was implemented as HTML5/WebGL-application.