Goldener Pudel | corporate design


Development of a complet corporate design for the new upper quality steak & seafood restaurant in the oldtown city of Nuremberg.

The "Goldener Pudel" is offering finest steak- and seafood from all over the world combined with the franconian region.


The developed corporate design should symbolise the restaurant "Goldener Pudel" from the inside to the outside as a unity. Espacially the formal advertising measures as logo, typography, corporate colour-code, pictures, communicative presence etc..

By creating the logo it was obligatory to picture the crossover of the modern world and the traditional franconian roots. The cow as well as the fish finds its symbols inside the logo for symbolising the core of culinarian food wich is offered. 

High recognition value

The developed corporate design connects all the communication like a red ribbon constantly throug the whole appearance, like the menue, business paper & cards, broschures & flyer, website etc..

The genetical fingerprint of the restaurant to the outside and inside has been esthablished.