Fränkische Industrial Pipes | multi-touch productconfigurator

Explore corrugated pipe systems interactively

The customer's requirement was to create an interactive application, which makes it possible to locate direct solutions in the fields of application. Automotive and industry were set as favorite topics.


Corrugated pipe systems can be found in all areas of industry and vehicle construction. To experience the know-how of Fränkische Industrial Pipes impressively, the application makes it possible to dive playfully into the interactive worlds and to proceed step by step along the pipe systems used.

Different products and product highlights are emphasized at the corresponding location, and provided with detailed information. To demonstrate the high degree of individualization, the user has the possibility to replace the component with others having special qualities at the respective place.

By using a filter, the range of the components available can be restricted. As a result, the user can experience the diverse application possibilities of corrugated pipes.


The clear and simple design fits in the rest of the stand design and draws high attention through the starting world with the floating island. The color scheme is reduced to shades of grey and the color of Fränkische Industrial Pipes: yellow.

For the presentation of the product characteristics, special icons have been developed.