Die Rummelsberger | Inclusions-Campaign


Conception, design and realisation of an emotional, authentic communication campaign accomanying the case-managment launch.

The definated principles of the case-management of the Rummelsberger Dienste bases on inclusion are obligatory for the development of the campaign.


The Campaign should reflect the interdisciplinary integration and consolidation of the new Direction.

The defined paradigm change of the case-management programm is accompanied by authentic communication activities and converts to a daily approach at work. 

The new professional humane concept consists on the base of a teamorientated relationship between advisor and client. The mature positioning and self-determination of the client in cooperation with the advisor is the base for all.


The client's self-expression based on a team-oriented partnership with the advisor is at the center of the activities-programmatic below the tenor:

"Here I am human"

The derived therefrom campaign name is:

I CAN! ...

campaign idea

In a human, sympathical and self-assured manner the campaign "I can!" will symbolize  that each client has individual strengths, skills, interests, and desires.

In the campaign, all clients were involved: people aged, people with disabilities and young people.


4 Phases Campaign

The developed campaign gradually builds up and is divided into 4 phases.

Phase 1 - announcement
The campaign idea "I can!" was announced by poster campaign on the basis of real needs of the clients by post-it sheets.

Phase 2 - Introduction
Individual abilities, interests and wishes of the clients had been identified. Based on six specific cases this authentic campaign was implemented. (Fig. Case study: Linda Spanner wants a new apartment.)


Phase 3 - Development
Representation of the joint formulation of implementation options of requests between advisor and client.

Phase 4 - experience
Final the converted event was communicated based on the original client desire.


By means of six 4-phase campaigns the case-management had been sustained, emotional and believable established at Rummelsberger Dienste.

The consistent integration of all stakeholders in the process, a new team-oriented value system between client and advisor had already been achieved in planning phase of the campaign.

The personal and human bond of advisors and clients was further deepened on base of the together achieved targets as well as the shard experiences.

The self-realization and maturity of the clients had been target-oriented promoted and sustainably developed .