Audi Dealer-Center | breakdown-service App

Initial situation

The breakdown-service drivers of the “Audi Dealer-Center Ingolstadt” are daily on duty to help the customers by the claims settlement.

Previously there were paper-forms for the different car brands (Audi, VW, Seat). By using these forms, the breakdown-service drivers document the whole breakdown situation of the car. To ease the handling and secure the process the operations should be digitized in one application. Therefore, a direct upload interface to the internal database should be created.


On intro of the start screen the breakdown-service driver has the possibility to choose between the different car brands. In the app, the previous data from the form are integrated and displayed as individual form fields. The subsite “photo documentary” has the possibility to record photos of the breakdown process optimal.

All information of the form fields are transmitted in a PDF form at the end of the input. This form will be automatically transferred into an e-mail and sent together with the images to the central breakdown-department of the dealer.


The reporting of breakdown process is considerably easier by using the service App. The bureaucracy is significantly reduced within the central processing location by digitized transmission. Throughout the App the whole breakdown-service gets highly efficient by having a secure process and saving costs and time. 



  • eases your breakdown-service process
  • quick digitally breakdown-reporting (without paperforms)
  • secure process by digital data input and transfer
  • intuitive usage of application
  • high time and cost savings by mobile data-reporting
  • direct interface to administration-department 
  • offline-functionality
  • improved controlling of breakdown-operations